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Automation Solutions

Novi Precision designs and builds custom automated assembly solutions to meet customer's automation needs. The use of innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment allows for the specialized design of assembly machines.

Assembly Systems

Specializing in complex and high volume automated assembly machines, Novi Precision offers many different styles of systems.

Systems Include:

  • Automated Palletized Assembly Lines

  • Manual Annual Assembly Lines 

  • Assembly Dials

  • Single Station Assembly Systems 

Leak & Functional Testing

Many of Novi Precision's assembly systems include testing systems. The testing performed helps increase quality, reduce scrap, and can eliminate added value to the component(s) downstream.

Systems include:

  • Pressure Decay Testing

  • Vacuum Testing

  • Electrical Signal Testing

  • Robotic Vision Testing

  • NVH Testing

  • Functional Testing

Vision Inspection Systems

Whether its dimensions, feature presence, defects, surface finish, or something else you want to check; Novi Precision can build a vision inspection system for your part.

Systems Include:

  • High Resolution Cameras

  • Camera Lighting

  • Line Scan Cameras

  • Custom Light Refracting Lenses

  • Custom Algorithms

  • R & D Test Lab

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