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Machining Solutions

Novi Precision designs and builds custom Special Purpose Machines, providing customers with many key advantages over traditional Metal Removal Machining Equipment. 

Key Advantages Include:

  • Reduced Floor Space

  • Increased Tool Life

  • Lower Total Capital Costs

  • Reduced Need for Operators

  • Reduced Power Consumption

  • Increased Operating Efficiency

  • Turnkey Systems

Metal Removal Machines

By designing the machine around the part, customers can get the most efficient and robust machine to meet their production needs and quality metrics.

Systems include:

  • Wet & Dry Machining

  • Precision Rotary Transfer Dials

  • Sunburst Drilling Technology

  • Multi-Axis Machining

  • Pierce & Notching

  • Transfer Lines

  • Multi-Station Drilling Machines

  • Single Box Ways

  • Servo Drive Slide Units

  • Rigid Construction

  • Turn-Key Systems

  • Automation

  • Assembly & Gagging

  • Multi-Spindle Drill & Tap Heads

  • Hirth Ring Coupling Indexers

  • Rebuild & Retool

Pierce & Notch Machines

Beyond traditional machining, Novi Precision also specializes in Pierce & Notch Machinery. Our machines raise the bar in terms of technology by providing precise positioning and increased flexibility. 


Systems include:

  • Self-Equalizing Pierce Heads

  • Rotary Servo Positioning

  • Servo Controlled Slides

  • Spline Orientation

  • Robot Load/Unload

  • Vision Feature Inspection 

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